top dog tours nyc

Exploring new cities and learning new things about the city we live in is a passion of ours. We love the iconic and famous aspects that define a city, it’s distinct neighborhoods, history, food, culture and the hidden secret corners that take time to discover.

From first time guests to locals looking to explore a new neighborhood, we want to give you a personal and enjoyable experience. Our tours are in small groups, or private groups with local guides.

TopDogTours is more than just a walking tour company. Our authentic guides are charismatic individuals who want to share the places they love the most with you. By specializing in “Small Group” and “Private Tours”, we strive for a fun, unique, and personal experience, always reaching for the VIP service you deserve.

TopDogTours enriches the traveler experience by sharing the history, culture, and uniqueness of the cities that our guides call home to visitors from around the world.

For more information or to book a tour visit https://topdogtours.com/new-york-city/

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