metro tours

Want to experience New York City like a local? You’ve come to the right place. We know what makes our city tick, and we love taking our guests to the coolest spots. New York offers a surprise around every block, from world-renowned buildings to stylish neighborhoods. Throw out the standard guide book, and join our certified guides for a fresh, interactive tour through our great city.

Over our nearly 15 collective years here, we have cultivated comprehensive and ever-evolving guides to all things New York City to pass along to friends and family, and we look forward to being able to share them with you. We relish the chance to help a confused tourist find their way to the World Trade Center Memorial or navigate the subway system. We love to show visitors that while it may be true that New Yorkers are always busy, they are also warm, welcoming, and helpful. We believe that this hospitality-focused approach is what sets Metro Tours apart. We may only be together for a few hours of the day, but you can consider us your go-to source on all things New York City during your stay. It would be our pleasure to help ensure that you have the best visit possible.

For more information or t book a tour visit https://www.metrotoursusa.com/

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