Harlem Shake

If a yummy burger is what you are craving, stop by the Tik Tok famous, one of the most posted establishments known in Harlem. Harlem Shake offers everything from their burgers made with custom blend Pat LaFrieda patties, NY-style, all-beef hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and grilled cheese/melts, to their entrée-size salads, sides and handmade shakes featuring Blue Marble Ice Cream, we use only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Harlem Shake is the aesthetically pleasing diner vibes that everyone loves because you just instantly feel comfortable when you step inside.

The restaurant has been featured on many well-known networks such as CBS, The New York Times, and Forbes, so you known it’s legit!

To learn more visit https://www.harlemshakenyc.com/

**Cited from harlemshakenyc.com**