Melba’s restaurant

If you need a soulful meal, Melba’s is where it’s real. Founder, Melba Wilson was born and raised in Harlem and knew she wanted to stay close to home so she could produce her version of an exquisite yet comfortable dining experience within the community that raised her.

Melba restaurant opened its doors in 2005 and has come to be one of the most remarkable comfort food spots in Harlem! When great food is combined with remarkable service, the result is a dining destination that patrons come to regard as home. 

If you ever walk into Melba’s Restaurant you just might be greeted by Melba’s bright and beautiful smile at the door. So, if you are ever craving comfort food, Melba’s Restaurant is the place to be!

To learn more visit https://www.melbasrestaurant.com/

**Sited from Melba’s Restaurant website**